quarta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2013

Acceptance is pure possibility - By Jeff Foster

"Saying YES to this moment doesn't mean giving up on change. Not at all. Saying YES to now doesn't mean that the next moment won't come. It doesn't mean that answers won't arrive, that sadness won't disappear, that pain won't ease, that intelligent action won't happen, that solutions won't make themselves known. It means a total alignment with the intelligence of an entire universe.

We are called to enter the world from a place of allowing, not resistance; from an inner yes, not an inner no. We are invited to not run away from the present scene of the movie of our lives. We know deep down that there is ONLY the present scene, and past and future scenes are just present memories and dreams, part of the present scene.

Instead of trying to skip to certainty, trust the uncertainty of the moment. Instead of rushing towards answers, trust this creative place of no answers. Instead of trying to run towards joy or bliss, trust this moment of sorrow or doubt, or whatever shape the intelligence is taking. Certainty may come, answers may arrive, joy may burst forth, thrilling moments may present themselves sooner or later, but don't skip over the treasures of this moment.

If certainty comes, it will come from a place of allowing. If answers come, they will grow out of wonder. If joy shows her face, she will grow from the fertiliser of pain. If a new life grows, it will grow in the only birthplace there is: Here.

This moment is the access point, the portal, the gateway to all that you long for."

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