domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

By Mooji

"You say you have been experiencing great peace, your relationships have become much lighter, your anger is thinning away, you have a quieter mind and so on, but you feel you should be searching for something deeper, something more.
You say you just want to jump into the Infinite.
You just want to be Peace, Love and Joy.
But I want to ask you something: Who are you, who wants these things?
Slow down now, it is enough to see and identify who is actually speaking and desiring these things.
See if you can clearly identify this 'I'-person that you are talking about, the one that wants to jump into the Infinite. And don’t just give me any kind of dry verbal answer.
There are many seekers whose egos should have been dead long ago, but they have only been cutting their throats with rubber knives. They think their discoveries are enough, but such ‘discoveries’ are only verbal, mental and intellectual knowledge.
Your answer has to be so true.
It has to be a pure recognition of the essential Self.
You must answer me in such a way that your answer changes your life.
When you and your answer are the same, Truth is revealed."

~ Mooji

28th of July, 2013

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